Website Maintenance Packages

Website Maintenance Packages

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Website Maintenance Packages

Our Website Maintenance Packages provide a convenient, cost effective way to maintain and manage your website. You can also keep your website up to date, secure and relevant with this new service.

We make it easy to do it yourself...

Every ToroCMS website we make is equipped with an easy-to-use CMS (content management system), which allows you to create and edit content much like working on a Word file. You can also upload images and files for individual pages. We have made it easy for you to manage every image and word on your website with ToroCMS.

...But we stand ready to do it all.

You may find that you still need our help after your website is complete. We work fast and you may need us to quickly provide customized services or create custom page designs for your website. We stand ready to provide any additional help you need for your website.

You can purchase any hours below and use them as you go like credits.

1 Hour $65/hour $65
5 Hours $60/hour $300
20 Hours $55/hour $1,100
50 Hours $50/hour $2,500
100 Hours $45/hour $4,500